About Us

Commissioned Resin Art will definitely add that little bit of luxury to any room. Commissioned wall art can completely change a space – it will be created specicifically for your wall size (none too big or small) and will bring together different elements from all around the room. Commissioned homeware will add interest and colour to a room, both often becoming talking points in the home. Individualy designed or commissioned pieces make the most thoughtful of gifts for special occasions. I like to keep my commissioned artwork accessible and you might find the cost is more reasonable than you would imagine.

So what is the process? First we will discuss your personal preferences around the piece itself – is it wall art or a homeware piece? What size would you like? What colour scheme are you working to? Do you want different textures in the finised piece? Is the piece for yourself or for someone else? After this initial discussion I will design a mood board of ideas based on your requirements. You are ultimately in control of the piece and adjustments can be made as needed beforehand. Only once the design is fully agreed on will I start on creating your individual piece of resin art and you will be regularly updated on the progress of the piece.

Get in touch with me today for an informal no obligation chat if you would like to discuss a commissioned piece of resin art for yourself or as a gift.

Published by Ben Melton

40 year old artist based in south Manchester, father of two small children and a husband of one normal sized wife

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