About us

I began as a Resin Artist in 2017, but before then I had always had an interest in Art and my different forms of artwork sent me in the direction of working with Resin, crystals and paint powders.

I have always been drawn towards shiny, sparkly objects so it seemed fitting for me to move in this direction and now I have found something I feel comfortable and confident using. I also have an eye for interiors and decor pallettes which helps when putting colours together for a piece of art. I am known to be a good communicator, I always think its good to talk things through as you get to know more about the person or client and what their needs really are.

Get in touch with me today for an informal no obligation chat if you would like to discuss a commissioned piece of resin art for yourself or as a gift!

What People Say

Ben is a fantastic artist and his pieces of resin art are stunning. Great service too!

Katherine Kershaw

Wonderful pieces of bespoke art

Ajiri Baro

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