It’s been a bit of a whirlwind year up till now on the art front, last week Kate  Houghton the editor of Cheshire Life and Living Edge magazines came round to bmartstuff HQ to write a feature on my work!

Had a really nice morning talking all things art (and kids) the lovely photographer took lots of shots and we went for a coffee to get info for the article she is writing.  So look out for the next issue of Cheshire Life!

My workspace




Mixed my style up a bit this week to try a seascape instead and…. Loved it


Loved it so much that I decided to keep it!… At least for now. Added a little triptych to match






Stop the press look at this table


If I had a big house I’d keep this but iv added it for sale. Its beautiful. 75cm diameter only £450







How hot has this summer been? Too hot to work indoors and a little bit too hot to work outside but needs must…..




Sold to a customer who wanted it wall mounted for her holiday home. It has the best views in the world, the house is called whisper of the sea for obvious reasons! Take a peek at where it will be living!



You even get sea views whilst cooking! Feel free to have a look on




Bought a copy of Cheshire life September 2018. Excited to be featured! Summer may have ended but those coral shorts live on!





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