For sale

Some ready made items available for sale. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. (if one or two say sold they are left as examples)

Ready made products

The Royal / cobalt blues in this are so bright the picture almost shines! Rich blues and metallic gold. 80cm x 30cm £400.


So hard to photograph this one but it’s beautiful. This has teals and blues with bright gold and muted gold details, done in layers and you can see through them all it has such depth. 80cm x 30cm. £400 plus p&p.



£500  60cm x 50cm. Pinks, white and rose gold/copper. These colours are beautiful together and are used alot by my interior designer colleagues. This has a hammered metal effect from certain angles (excuse the pictures forgot to take decent ones before it went to the gallery)


100% resin, agate-style coasters and platter.  Quartz style set with silver gilt edging £70. These can be done in any colour to match your home.



Ocean geode £900 SOLD

Large stunning piece on a wooden base 100cm x 60cm heavy, substantial work complete with a French cleat on the reverse for easy fixing.

Shades of turquoise, aqua, cobalt and other stunning ocean colours with iridescent pearl, light silvery shades, crystals, glass, glitter and reflective gold metal work. Can’t capture this one but in person it’s breathtaking.



Recent tables and cocktail trays

I also make resin top tables (£350) and cocktail trays (£90) the trays can adjusted to hang on a wall for £10 extra


They are available to order bespoke so you choose the colours but if you check my Instagram   there are occasional ready made ones.





Double coffee table £400 in gunmetal, greys, silvers and sparkle. Total one off.





*sold* Gold, black and cream cocktail tray £90

Made an extra one as the customers bespoke choices were so nice.

Gold, black and cream resin serving tray on a brass/gold base. Resin art top on metal base in beautiful iridescent shades.


Blush pink, pearl and silver serving tray £90

Pretty serving tray on a silver base. Resin art top on metal base in beautiful iridescent shades.



“pink gin” **SOLD**

Pink and rose gold £500 60 x 50 stunning piece with pearl, light pinks, silver, crystals and rose gold metallic highlights



**sold** Copper and blue £400. 80 x 30 Deep landscape canvas in Blues, copper, rose gold and crystals. Really reflective and beautiful. So hard to capture but it is stunning in person



***sold*** “Quartz I” £400 marbled white base and gold details with glass, crystal and champagne sparkle.




“Quartz II” £500 60 x 50 Inspired by the beautiful Quartz mineral specimen in the Manchester Museum. Its neutral in tone with gold details, hard to capture but very beautiful






“Fools gold I” £250 SOLD

Framed, monochrome work with liquid gold details 40cm x 30cm. Elegantly designed with my typical mirror shine and depth of detail










“Peacock” £500

Large work 60cm x 50cm in peacock shades blues and greeny blues with a mustard yellow sunburst detail. Like a close up of a peacock feather.











“Blue John I”    ****now sold****

First in my upcoming series inspired by the mineral found in the Blue John Caverns in Castleton. Large framed gallery work. £550 plus p+p






“Hague blue and gold I”  invoking natural geological lines, larger statement piece. £250 plus p+p




Blue triptych. Sold. Some see “sea” and others see geological forms, over three pieces this triptych is beautiful and right for any room. £200 (set of three) plus p+p



“Hague Blue and gold II” SOLD. Sister piece to “Hague blue I” but lighter in tone and mood. £200 plus p+p


*All my work can be framed for an additional cost, this price is different each time due to size and style choices

*Framing is subjective, each item has a “live edge” quality to it which some people prefer. There is no right or wrong, it is all a matter of taste.

*postage and packaging is Royal Mail and is different each time. I charge the actual cost.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Joanne Dawson says:

    Wow they are amazing I think they are spectacular!

    I will be in touch as soon as I save up for one I will share with all my family and friends x


    1. Ben melton says:

      Ah that’s so kind of you to say that means alot


  2. Shirley Jones says:

    Hi Ben, my name is Shirley Jones, I’m a Bolton girl who now lives in Chesterfield and I had to check you out after I watched you on Home is where the art is and I’m absolutely blown away by your art, it’s mesmerising and utterly stunning. I adore rocks and gems and the geological aspect of your work really speaks to me, I particularly love the 2 Hague blue and gold pieces. I’m having a craft room / sun room extension in October for my 60th Birthday and would absolutely love either one or both pieces for that space. Can I please ask, are they both mounted in the same way with the live edge you mentioned in your description, as one of them looks slightly different. Can you please also let me know whether they are still available and tell me the sizes so I can have an idea of scale and whether their size will suit the room which will be very large and tall. Hopefully the additional details will help give me some idea of where I could place them in the available space, or whether I need to commission a larger piece.
    Thanks so much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ben melton says:

      Hi Shirley I’ve sent you an email I hope you get it OK, if not drop me a line


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