Recent commissions, some beautiful colour choices:

My biggest and most ambitious piece to date! Made for a luxury interiors company, feel free to email me for details. See shop


A recent order of a set of three hexagons, the customer wanted azure blue, sea blue, sea green, cobalt, teal, gold and pink! I normally try to stick to three colours but the client is mostly right and I love how these turned out.

This lovely client sent me a photo of a sunset (see pic) and wanted some similar colours to the clouds.  She loved the result so much that when it arrived and she opened it she immediately ordered two more to make it into a triptych!

A set of two in pink, light grey/silver and rose gold.


I had a go at some 100% resin, agate style coasters and platter set for a returning customer, I am very happy with how they turned out! Copper, pink and white.


Abstract monochrome and gold for a returning customer, made to match some side tables I made.


This customer wanted shades of teal and seascape colours, they live on the coast so I tried to have a wave effect whilst keeping it as a geode. The moodboard matched the finished product well.

This was for a customer who wanted a panel with gold, leading to rose gold and finally copper at the bottom. With charcoal and quartz. She was over the moon with it. It makes me happy to know she’s happy.


Blue diptych



This diptych was completed based on (amongst other things) this mood board below.

After a consultation navy blues, silvers  greys and a dash of white were chosen.



The above was completed without fine line details as per the customers request and the sides were painted silver.  Each detail is controlled by the customer.


“Fools Gold” coffee table

The above started life as a boring table but a customer fell in love after I added the gold, marbled resin finish.  She  wanted it wall hung for a beautiful holiday home so I obliged.




Upcycled candle holder



Amethyst inspired geode


Published by Ben Melton

40 year old artist based in south Manchester, father of two small children and a husband of one normal sized wife

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